Looking for an amazing job?

While we may not be hiring exceptional and skilled vapers at the moment, we are always looking for vapetacular and qualified individuals. After reading through the job descriptions below, drop off your resume at our shop on 612 Caroline, or, send it via email to

Do you have amazing customer service skills, outstanding coil building capabilities, retail experience, and the desire to share your passion of vaping with others?

Always taking applications for:


Working from 3ish or 4ish to close (maybe 8 or 9 depending on how many vapers are hanging out), you’d be answering customer questions about our lines of juices, hardware, and even building coils.  The ability to be friendly and smile is required, as is the compassion and empathy needed to explain what vaping is to smokers looking to make a lifestyle change.  Are you good with names- can you ask people their name and remember it the next time they come in?

Required Skills

  • Build coils with 20ga to 32ga kanthal;
  • Exceptional ability to recommend juices;
  • Friendly, outgoing, loves to help vapers;
  • Knows how to work in retail;
  • Team-player, flexible;


Can you hold down the fort from 11ish until the second shift arrives?  Can you deal with the surge of vapers coming in on their lunch break?  Can you triage a crowd of customers and tell them all “hey, how’s it going? I’ll be with you in a hot minute?”.  This is a Monday to Friday day time gig, so you’ll have plenty of time for family, friends, and going out on the weekends.  This position also requires a lot more responsibility- such as inventory control, cash management, business process refinement, vendor relations, and even vape related acquisitions and ordering.  As such, background checks are required.

Required Skills

  • Vape shop retail experience;
  • Vendor Management;
  • Acquisition and ordering expereience;
  • Master Coil builder;
  • Leading a team of sales associates;
  • Employee performance monitoring;
  • Employee Scheduling experience;
  • Can rebuild kanger and aspire coils;
  • Managerial Experience.


Have a day job but can’t resist how sweet it would be to get paid to be in a vape shop?  Got extra time on your weekends and want to spend it with a group of passionate vapers from your community?  Love to help and assist others in their vaping journey?  The weekend position might be a great fit for you!  Although it’s minmal hours (6 hours on Saturday or Sunday), you’ll still get the employee discounts on juice and hardware, and you’ll still be a part in determining how our shop is run and managed.

Technical Skills

  • Loves to vape, loves to help;
  • Can pass out flyers and coupons;
  • Friendly, can assist other vapers;
  • Can build coils;
  • knows difference between VV and VW;
  • love to hang out a vape shop.